Drop the Limiting Beliefs

Drop the Limiting Beliefs

One of the most oft used phrases in legal practice, as well as other fields, is “it can’t be done.” Clients come in wanting an immediate hearing. “It can’t be done.” Partners go to their staff and say complete this thing by the end of the day. “It can’t be done.” Usually, that’s the end of a discussion.

As attorneys, we are generally risk-averse. We fear losing. We don’t want to appear weak or hurt our reputations. After all, our reputation is what generates business. If we over promise but under-deliver, word will get out and the rainmaking will turn into drought.

But that’s just fear. Throw your limiting beliefs aside. As a law firm leader, you cannot afford to be risk-averse. You have to take chances. Innovate. Stretching is required to grow. If you are trying to move from associate to partner, you have to make tough leadership decisions. Don’t let your staff suffer from limiting beliefs. Trust them. Show them. Lead them.


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