The Gravy of Gratitude

The Gravy of Gratitude

Wow, that was way too much food. Turkey, sweet potato casserole, and chocolate pie. My family and I were blessed to eat way more than we should have. But the kicker was my mother-in-law’s gravy. Her gravy just makes everything taste better than it would otherwise. The turkey, the mashed potatoes; even things that didn’t need gravy tasted better with it. It adds a flavor that just makes you want to eat more.

Many times we come into the law office to do our jobs and get paid. This is certainly true of some of your staff. They work their 8:30 to 5:30 (on a good day) counting on their paycheck and hoping to get everything done that is expected. But what I’ve noticed is that when I show my staff that I am grateful for them and what they do to benefit the company, their work improves. Their attitudes improve. Everything is a little better with gratitude. It’s the gravy of the workplace.


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